Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bubble Or Prosper? Real Estate Market in Question.

It's very apparent from the traffic headaches and the highway construction to relieves those aches, that the town of Reno Nevada is prospering. Those that speak of a real estate bubble are nay-sayers with little proof of a real estate bubble locally. Nationwide, there may be an overall bubble, but many local real estate markets are seeing no let down in home sales. But the numbers for Reno: strong growth in building, strong growth in jobs and new businesses, and an increase in population, indicate a strong economy.

Jim Shabi, economist with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation had this to say about the Reno housing boom: "The construction sector has long driven the region's economy and will continue to do so as thousands of homes and businesses fill in the remaining open space in the Truckee Meadows (Reno and Sparks) and beyond". Other markets like San Antonio and Phoenix are also seeing impressive numbers. It is in part to do with job creating and economic strengths of these communities. He isn't surprised by the job and business growth, either: "Businesses from the outside are recognizing the growth here. It's a sign of a healthy economy."

All of this is great news after dealing with the housing bubble, which financially crippled many individuals and businesses in the real estate industry. One of the more popular tactics companies are finding useful is using property wizard services to effectively manage property listings, making it easier for both the company and the home seeker.

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