Friday, May 4, 2012

Ocean Front Homes

(Photo credit: Chalky Lives)
Ocean front homes have become the dream homes of the retired, and for those who are ready to escape the rat race to get away from it all. Everyone has their favorite spot for owning a beach home, but for those of us who don't know where they should look, I've provided a nice list of some of the top places in the world to own a home on the beach.

Dominican Republic
Located in the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a country on the economic rise in the area and is much more welcoming to tourism and residents than it was just a few years ago. Many Dominican Republic condos are still offered at low prices, and business developments and hotel openings indicate that those prices won't stay low for long.

Carolina Coast
Although ravaged by Hurricanes from time to time, the Carolina coast is quite and still very natural in areas. National parks extend along much of the coast, which are great for long walks and pristine scenery. Locations like Myrtle Beach offer great places for those who are looking for a bigger city feel with a great beach nearby.

Lake Michigan Coast
With the motto "no salt, no sharks, no worries" it's hard not to love a beach house on a lake. Lake Michigan doesn't have a lake feel at all however, with sandy beaches and immense dunes. Chicago residents travel over 7 hours at times just to venture up to the area for a long weekend, and many residents brave the long winters just to enjoy the 3 great months of long summer days.