Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bubble Or Prosper? Real Estate Market in Question.

It's very apparent from the traffic headaches and the highway construction to relieves those aches, that the town of Reno Nevada is prospering. Those that speak of a real estate bubble are nay-sayers with little proof of a real estate bubble locally. Nationwide, there may be an overall bubble, but many local real estate markets are seeing no let down in home sales. But the numbers for Reno: strong growth in building, strong growth in jobs and new businesses, and an increase in population, indicate a strong economy.

Jim Shabi, economist with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation had this to say about the Reno housing boom: "The construction sector has long driven the region's economy and will continue to do so as thousands of homes and businesses fill in the remaining open space in the Truckee Meadows (Reno and Sparks) and beyond". Other markets like San Antonio and Phoenix are also seeing impressive numbers. It is in part to do with job creating and economic strengths of these communities. He isn't surprised by the job and business growth, either: "Businesses from the outside are recognizing the growth here. It's a sign of a healthy economy."

All of this is great news after dealing with the housing bubble, which financially crippled many individuals and businesses in the real estate industry. One of the more popular tactics companies are finding useful is using property wizard services to effectively manage property listings, making it easier for both the company and the home seeker.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Oregon Real Estate Looks This Summer

CORVALLIS, OR - DECEMBER 4: Talmadge Jackson I...
CORVALLIS, OR - DECEMBER 4: Ryan Katz #12 of the Oregon State Beavers (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
The great state of Oregon has seen some great real estate gains within the past few years. For the most part and in most areas of the state, home values have been on the rise and there's an increased demand for properties. Here are a few of the big reasons why:

Oregon is a College State
Look at some of the other big college states and cities: Texas has a large number of old and new universities and colleges across the state and their real estate market right now is well above average. Boston, which has a quarter of a million students living in the city, has some of the highest demanded real estate in the country. College kids may be poor, but everyone wants to live in a college town. When looking at Oregon, they have many small colleges, but also are home to the University of Oregon and Oregon State. Looking at one house for sale in Corvallis Oregon in particular, it's property value since the big economic letdown a few years ago has increased by more than double. Pretty impressive considering we're still riding in the economic hangover.

Great Businesses
There are several well known popular companies like Nike that have deep roots across Oregon, and continue to be successful and bring in big bucks, but there have been several private hospitals and medical and pharmacy industries that have made impressive gains within the past decade. The success of these companies is directly correlated to home prices in Oregon, and luckily these organizations show no signs of slowing down.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ocean Front Homes

(Photo credit: Chalky Lives)
Ocean front homes have become the dream homes of the retired, and for those who are ready to escape the rat race to get away from it all. Everyone has their favorite spot for owning a beach home, but for those of us who don't know where they should look, I've provided a nice list of some of the top places in the world to own a home on the beach.

Dominican Republic
Located in the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a country on the economic rise in the area and is much more welcoming to tourism and residents than it was just a few years ago. Many Dominican Republic condos are still offered at low prices, and business developments and hotel openings indicate that those prices won't stay low for long.

Carolina Coast
Although ravaged by Hurricanes from time to time, the Carolina coast is quite and still very natural in areas. National parks extend along much of the coast, which are great for long walks and pristine scenery. Locations like Myrtle Beach offer great places for those who are looking for a bigger city feel with a great beach nearby.

Lake Michigan Coast
With the motto "no salt, no sharks, no worries" it's hard not to love a beach house on a lake. Lake Michigan doesn't have a lake feel at all however, with sandy beaches and immense dunes. Chicago residents travel over 7 hours at times just to venture up to the area for a long weekend, and many residents brave the long winters just to enjoy the 3 great months of long summer days.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Economies - What's working?

The United States Esperanto: Loko de Usono sur...The United States  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)According to Industry Week, there are five dying manufacturing sectors in the United States, that despite recent positive reports in the manufacturing industry. These sectors are mostly related to clothing and apparel industries, which have been steadily on the decline for several decades.

What's good news is that there are many niche economies right here in the US that continue to grow and flourish despite decreases in industrial activity and economic hardships. These include industries that require CNC precision machining and valve distributors, like USA made Solenoid valves.

I sincerely hope manufacturing stays in the United States, as it gives us a more diverse economy which makes us resilient to future economic collapses.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Florida Real Estate Economy

Official seal of OrlandoImage via Wikipedia
Spring break is almost over, and summer is just around the corner, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming about Florida weather. Florida was known as one of the states hit hardest by the dip in the real estate industry a few years ago. Although the state is still recovering, the state as a whole is recovering thanks to tourism, strong business roots and other key factors. One of the local real estate markets on the rise at the moment is the Orland real estate market. Here’s why:

Spring break, WOOO!!!
Every year starting in March, flocks of thirsty college students flock to the sunshine state for spring break. These students support the finances of many Florida businesses who rely on the annual tourism boom. Many families who want to enjoy spring break in Florida, but want to avoid the rambunctious crowds, will travel to locations like Orlando, where Disney World is right around the corner and the crazy college kids are not.

Housing Prices are Stabilizing
After tough times when home prices dipped to all time lows, things are starting to look brighter for home owners. The number of foreclosures are going down, there appears to be less risk of homeowners defaulting on their loans, and average home prices are rising at a healthy rate. Currently, the Orlando real estate market sits on many “real estate markets to watch” lists.

Orlando is a great community to raise a family. The city is great, the weather is fantastic and the best place in the world for a kid is just a few miles away. If you are looking at homes, I would take a look at Lake Mary real estate and Heathrow real estate options. Both are located in the Northwest suburbs of Orlando and have great local amenities.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12.20.11 Real Estate News

With so much volitility and uncertainty in the real estate market, it's always good to turn to a few news sources to get a picture of what could happen in the near future.  That's why I like to share up to date news stories from the best real estate sources.  Here are a few recent ones I have read:

If you know of any other particular ones you find interesting, add a comment.  I would love to be informed and get your opinions!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Real Estate In Oregon

If you haven't made your way out to Oregon before, you're missing out.  The wildlife is gorgeous and the people are down-to-earth and friendly.  If you're thinking of moving out there, I personally recommend the city of Corvallis.  It's located in the Willamette Valley region, and is know as the home of Oregon State University.  The attractions around the city are perfect for families, and the events the University brings in make the city lively and exciting.

Take a look at some Corvallis homes for sale and see if Oregon is a good fit for you!